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What is Postpartum Depression (PPD)?

Postpartum depression, or PPD, is a type of depression that affects women after they give birth. About 13% of women experience PPD in the first year after childbirth, and it can develop any time up to a year after the baby is born. Postpartum depression has deleterious effects on a woman's relationships, her functional status, and her ability to care for her infant. The reduction of PPD is a US priority healthcare need and a major public health concern.

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Our patient brochure, which is available in PDF format in both English and Spanish, has helpful information about the signs and symptoms of postpartum depression, and what mothers can do if they need help. Feel free to download or print them out, and share them with friends and family. This brochure was developed with the support of NIMH and is available as a free resource to download, print, and distribute for noncommercial use. The brochure must be used as is; no changes may be made to the copy or design.

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Road Blocks to Treatment

Patients with PPD may not always be amenable to beginning treatment. A panel of experts, moderated by Cindy-Lee Dennis, RN, PhD, outline and discuss 9 roadblocks to treatment that may arise with newly diagnosed PPD patients, and how healthcare providers can work with them to overcome these obstacles to getting the treatment they need.

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Medical Updates

Barriers to care numerous for prenatal, postpartum mental health
Doug Brunk Ob.Gyn

"Many things get in the way of women getting the help they need, including the cost of treatment," said Dr. Indman, a women’s mental health counselor who practices in San Jose, Calif. "They wonder how they’re going to pay for it. Many people don’t think that health insurance will cover mental health, particularly something related to pregnancy or postpartum. Usually there is coverage." Limited time is another perceived barrier. With a new baby in your life, "who has time if you’re working or if you have other children in the home?" she said. "There’s also the potential loss of pay from work. How can you miss work to get the help you need if you go back to work after your maternity leave?"

Onset Timing, Thoughts of Self-harm, and Diagnoses in Postpartum Women With Screen-Positive Depression Findings
Katherine L. Wisner, MD, MS; Dorothy K. Y. Sit, MD; Mary C. McShea, MS............
The period prevalence of depression among women is 21.9% during the first postpartum year; however, questions remain about the value of screening for depression......

Development of a doula intervention for postpartum depressive symptoms: participants' recommendations
McComish JF, Groh CJ, Moldenhauer JA.

This qualitative study used focus groups with mothers, doulas, and doula trainers to develop educational materials for doulas to help mothers identify symptoms of depression and seek treatment. Findings:......

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Husband believes woman accused of stabbing baby son suffered from postpartum psychosis. Defendant remains in jail awaiting mental evaluation in 2011 incident
Chicago Tribune
In the days that led to the stabbing, Claudia Mejia seemed "different" and emotionally disconnected, her husband recalled. She complained that she was tired but could not sleep and ate little. She told him she was "scared" but could not explain why......

Wednesday's postpartum psychosis stories
Chicago Tribune
I learned about this postpartum depression story after a northwest suburban freelance reporter, Amanda Marrazzo, began covering the case of Claudia Mejia of Harvard. Mejia, a mother of four, stands accused of attempting to murder her son.....

Defense lawyer speaks out for victims of postpartum psychosis 'The world in which she lived was unreal to us — (but) real to her,' he says of famous client
Chicago Tribune
George Parnham knew little about postpartum psychosis before the Houston defense lawyer took the case of Andrea Yates, who shocked the nation in 2001 when she drowned her five children in a bathtub. She was convicted of murder, but the case was overturned on appeal........

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Emergency Assessment - What is a postpartum psychiatric emergency?

The Provider Search Directory can help you find a healthcare provider in your area trained in recognizing and treating postpartum depression.

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