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The Provider Search Directory can help you find a healthcare provider in your area trained in recognizing and treating postpartum depression (PPD). The professionals in the Provider Search Directory are divided into 2 groups:

Those with an asterisk (*) next to their name have successfully completed all Continuing Medical Education learning modules on the MedEdPPD Web site, demonstrating their commitment in this area.

Those with a delta (Δ) sign next to their name have been recommended either by the MedEdPPD faculty, or by reputable organizations, such as Postpartum Support International.

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Even though the medical professionals listed in this Provider Network have shown a commitment to treating women with perinatal (during and after pregnancy) mood disorders, does not specifically recommend any one or all of these individuals. We recommend that patients and consumers conduct interviews with potential providers, and get references from other medical professionals, or from patients who have been treated by them. cannot be held responsible for the treatment patients receive from the medical professionals listed in this directory.

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