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Patient Videos

Various postpartum depression scenarios have been recorded to provide the viewer with different perspectives on how postpartum depression affects mothers and their families.

Karen's Story: Postpartum Psychosis

Karen and her husband Frank have a newborn son and 2-year-old daughter. One week after the birth of her son, Karen becomes restless with a rambling mental state and is unable to sleep. She begins to hear voices that tell her to harm her children.
Running time: 11:05

Angela's Story: Postpartum Depression

Angela, a young single mother, lives with her baby daughter in her mother's house. Tensions are running high, and Angela is very irritable and not motivated to look for a job or return to school. She is not receptive to her baby's needs and describes herself as "stressed out."
Running time: 10:34

Isabella's Story: Baby Blues

Isabella is a 25-year-old engaged mother of three, including a 2-week-old baby boy. She wonders why she is feeling so weepy and overwhelmed after her son's birth when she didn't feel this way after the births of her older children. Isabella is also frustrated by her fiance's unwillingness to set a wedding date. She's exhausted and doesn't feel like dressing nicely or putting on makeup.
Running time: 4:17

Melinda's Story: Patient Education About PPD

Melinda, unfortunately, suffered a devastating postpartum depression after the birth of her fourth child. She will tell you about her experiences from her perspective in this interactive video interview conducted by M. Cynthia Logsdon, DNS, ARNP; Katherine L. Wisner, MD, MS.

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